Tuesday, September 15, 2015

EMMA's Visits Essex Middle School - Empowerment and Leadership

EMMA’s First School Visit - Essex Middle School

In September 2015 the inspiration from  the Girls Make IT Day lead to  EMMA’s first visit to a school - Essex Middle School.  

The middle school girls from Essex had been very active in spreading maker centered learning to others in their school.  Maya and Grace modeled and presented the switch book project to a group of 12 eager, new classmates.  

The girls have become leaders among their peers.

As a next step, we invited Essex Middle School  to help design EMMA’s first visit to the Champlain MiniMaker Faire.

During EMMA’s visit to the school,  ten young women signed up to help design the exhibit.  They not only learned increased their confidence with circuits and codes, they also worked on their leadership skills and  provided provided a service to other young women by serving as role models.

The concept of Maker Empowerment as defined by Agency by Design was definitely at play here.

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