Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Adopting EMMA

EMMA was adopted by Lucie deLaBruere in July 2015, when Lucie traded in her Honda Fit for a 2012 Ford Transit.  While searching for the perfect vehicle for EMMA, Lucie found herself explaining to others that she was looking for a van-type vehicle that was fun, creative, and entrepreneurial. Finding something that could carry more than two passengers, but that was also able to carry maker tools and supplies, while shouting out - LET”S CREATE AND MAKE TOGETHER, was not easy.   It was also not easy to stop salespersons from trying to HEAR my needs.  They made a lot of assumption based on my gender and age, and tried to sell me something “more comfortable”.   But finally Ryan from deLaBruere Auto Sales listened and tracked down this 2012 Ford Transit.   I said good bye to Ms. Fit  and welcomed EMMA into my life!

What was tricky was finding  back seats that can easily be collapsed or pulled out when needed.
I learned that most Ford Transits come off the boat from Turkey and get sent to a warehouse in Maryland where the windows and seats are removed and sent back to Turkey.  This left very few Transits floating around that had my criteria.   Thank you deLaBruere Auto Sales  for helping me adopt EMMA.

I must admit that EMMA rides like a truck, and has a little less power than I would like with only 4 cyclinders, but the look and feel is exactly what I wanted.  I started to imagine some branding ideas.    In order to imagine possible ideas for branding,  I decided to invite others to help imagine the next iteration of EMMA, by getting a few pieces of magnetic  chalkboard for each side.  

After lots of ideas and brainstorming, we finally picked a prototype to try and I ordered a few car magnets.  The car magnets would be easy to replace as our design ideas grew.